Could it be perfect timing for Vince McMahon to bring back the XFL?

Vince McMahon Bringing Back The XFL?

XFL    A lot of people have been joking about the rumor of Vince McMahon bringing back the failed league XFL, but lets look at the state of the NFL this year. The league has been torn over the national anthem protest and the unsigning of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was voted GQ citizen of the year. Things like this had a couple of celebrities talking about starting their own league. With that said, why shouldn’t Vince McMahon take the opportunity to revive the idea of the XFL. Lets even take it a step further and say his first signing is Kaepernick, then McMahon analyze why he failed the first time and adjust.

His first attempt at this was not a bad idea, especially with them bringing back some of the fun that was taken away by the NFL. Raising the stakes to bring a more competitive feel to the game. With the state of the NFL fan base split, and McMahon known to chaptalize on situations, this could work. The other thing that could be gained is the possibility to gain overseas teams with WWE popularity around the world. The NFL been slowly trying to do this, but with a fresh league, they wouldn’t have to trying figure out how to include expansion teams or getting an existing team to relocate.

So with all jokes aside, this could be a positive thing for the state of football and might bring true competition to the NFL as a whole. As of right now there is no solid evidence to this rumor to be true. So all we can do is just speculate what all this could mean and how it might can benefit football fan or not.



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