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Who Do The Quarantine Team See Going To The Super Bowl

NFL PicksSo last week we had a typo and stated that both the Kings had now W’s in the win column, miscalculated the wins and loses. This week they join Joy and Chris in a 4 way tie for the win. On the other hand both Corey and ILL are a game behind. Last week Was an Interesting week of football, so the question is what does the team think of the landscape of the NFL after last week results.

ILL McKenzie

I do not know what happen to the Los Angeles Chargers, but their defense forgot who they were last week. The New Orleans Saints got lucky or some fan in the stands casted some Voodoo on the field during the second quarter. Looking at this week, Los Angeles Rams defense has all the missing pieces form the first time they played the Saints. Just looking at how the Saints played last couple weeks, I would be surprise to see them get past a healthy Rams team. We have another regular season rematch on the AFC side, Tom Brady had me believing in the New England Patriots with his little Many Men promo package, but the Kansas City Chiefs proved they could keep up with the big dogs last time and I feel like they will turn it up a notch to bring it home.

Chauncey Askew 

Rams vs Saints. It’s a chance it could be a defensive struggle as much as it could be an offensive shootout. The Rams needed to go through their late-season struggles and injuries to get here. The Saints are here to prove their MVP is worthy of the leagues’ MVP and that they want a chance at the victor’s spoils. A struggle to get offenses going and a focus on the running game keeps the score moderately low. Patriots vs Chiefs. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Tom Brady being immovable and Patrick Mahomes being unstoppable. Until the Patriots lose, we cannot believe they will. But your eyes cannot fool you into thinking that the Chiefs will have any issues moving the ball against anyone.

Joy Dees

At the start of the season I chose New Orleans Saints & the New England Patriots to make the Super Bowl. And it looks like I am 2 games from being correct. So Pats & Saints battle of the old dudes

Corey Burden

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