Quarantine Divisional Rd NFL Playoff Picks

The Team Makes Their Picks For the Divisional Round

NFL Divisional Round

Well the NFL Wildcard weekend is over. The rankings are in with Joy Dees snagging the top spot from the guys. All season the team has been teasing Joy about being at the bottom of the pick’em league. Well its a new battle and seems like Joy is on the road to the last laugh. Joy finished the Wildcard weekend at 3 -1, while there was a 4 way tie at 1-3 and down goes the Kings with no correct picks at all last week. Makes you wonder, what are they the King of?

ILL McKenzie

I stated Lamar Jackson was going be the most dangerous player in the playoffs, because I did not think any defensive coordinator was going figure him out. Well the Chargers showed why they are one of the top defenses, as they re arranged their game plan and scheme to stop him. I am still going go with my pick of the winner of that game will represent the AFC. All the Chargers have to do is get by the Patriots and it is smooth sailings. On The NFC side, to me it is still a toss up between the Rams and Saints, if any of them go down this weekend, the other one is in the clear. With Defenses stepping up in all of the games last week, its all a chess match with these coordinators because every team in this playoffs is balanced. I do not see any blowouts this week.

Chauncey Askew 

Cowboys and Rams will come down to the Cowboys being more physical with the Rams who tend to be a finesse team. The Eagles play inspired football behind Foles, and the Saints have shown weakness that can be exposed in the playoffs. The Eagles grind out a win to return to the NFC Championship. As much as I would love to say that the Chargers finally get over the hump, its just not happening. Factor in the weather and it solidifies it. LA is a complete team, but the Patriots preparation comes 2nd to none. Colts/Chiefs comes down to ball control. Weather will play a part so that means running the ball for the Colts takes the pressure off their own defense. Remains to be seen if the Chiefs offense can keep this up in the postseason, but the Colts will plan to limit their opportunities

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