Papa John CEO Steps Down After Blaming NFL For Sales

Papa John CEO Chooses To Step Down

Papa Johns

After bad mouthing how the NFL  conducts and handles business, Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter is force to step down. The irony talking about how another business handles a distraction and he has to step down because of the way he delivered those words. Seems like he should be happy with the way his company handled taking care of a distraction. Seeing that he hurt business and became a PR nightmare.

This is not the first time the CEO said something that most felt was out of line. Seems like this time it was un repairable and what was best for business was to have him step down. Taking over as CEO come Jan 1st will be current president Steve Ritchie. Now we got to wait and see if this helps with the removal of John or is there too much damage to the brand.

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