NFC & AFC Conference Championship Game Preview/Picks

As we draw a week closer to the end on what has to be the most intriguing playoffs the NFL have seen in a while, I can only imagine what today has in store. If anyone would have said that three of the four quarterbacks in today’s Conference Championship Games would possibly make it to the Super Bowl during the preseason, I for one would undoubtedly wrote that statement off as fake news. Yet here we are. Without further hesitation, allow me to beg your indulgence and provide you with me thoughts on today’s action.



Jaguars vs Patriots(-7.5) 3:05pm CBS

Okay, let’s take a moment and not focus on Jalen Ramey’s pep rally comments too seriously. It is clear the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is riding a good spade hand into this weekend. That defense will of course be tested against the New England Patriots and the five time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady who is seeking number six. Blake Bortles is in a position where beating Tom Brady will erase all negative slander he has ever had in his non decorative NFL career. Another thing the Jaguars have going for them, they have the Obi Wan in Tom Coughlin. The only man who knows the answer to the impossible playoff conundrum that is Bill Belichick has helped turn the once laughing-stock of the NFL into #2 defense in the league behind Minnesota. If Jacksonville wants to take that next step into franchise prominence, they will have to rely on what got them to this point.

28-24 Jaguars



Vikings vs Eagles (+3.0) 6:40pm Fox

If you say you could see Nick Foles and Case Keenum facing each other in theĀ  NFC Championship Game, you sit on a throne of a thousand lies. Nevertheless, we have a match up of backup quarterbacks and high power defenses. Unlike the AFC Championship Game in Foxborough, this game will not have the natural elements to interfere. Therefore I expect for both defenses, especially the DB Corps, to be heavily tested throughout this game. The Super Bowl hopes and dreams of all Eagles fans will ride on Nick Foles. Many in which still do no have much confidence in, but with Carson Wentz being sideline with a season ending injury, they have no choice. As for Minnesota, they riding the wave of the most epic finish in playoff history. Case Keenum will have to have an unworldly performance against the #4 defense in the league this year. Speaking of defense, Minnesota came into the 2018 playoffs with the #1 defense. So if you tune in looking for offensive fireworks, you may instead get a 12 round fight.

21-17 Vikings



Yes, we may have a possible Super Bowl with Blake Bortles going up against Nick Foles. Actually I would love that. anything out of the norm would do the NFL well going into the new generation. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing how today will end. Even with New England being the overall favorite left, they still have to realize, everyone is ready for the evil empire to end…

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