Joy’s Doctor’s report on “In My Defense”.


Iggy Azalea was one of the biggest rappers of the new generation. Before Cardi B was even recognized, Iggy used to be put up against Nicki Minaj alot when it came to the hottest female rappers in the game. For some reason Iggy fell off the grid and I haven’t heard much from her. At one point in her career she dropped a two singles in different times called “Bounce” and “Kream”. I thought those singles were highly undderated. I loved those tracks and they were even better than the singles she’d dropped that got her hot in the first place. Her song “Murda Bizness” will still always remain my favorite track from her. That song wasn’t even mainstream. Fastforward to a nearer future and Iggy has dropped three singles this year with little miss “Sally Walker”, “Started From The Bottom” and “F it up” from her new album “In My Defense” and here is my beautiful review.

The first song on this album is called “Thanks I Get”. I had a pretty clear idea of what that song was going to involve. I actually thought the album came off to a good start with this song. I feel like Iggy went hard on this track. The beat, the music, the flow, I feel like the song had no flaws. It was also catchy with the lyrics

“I’m the one that kept it real from the jump. I’m the one that showed these b*****s how to stunt. And this the *** thanks I get”.

Song is worth the listen. The second and fourth tracks “Clap Back” and “Hoemita” were not impressive. Clapback was too Cardi B/Migos-ish music and “Hoemita” was too much like a Drake reject song. I think Clapback started off well and then after the first three lines it turned into a Migos song. Iggy’s better when she’s rapping in her original rap style and not trying to mimic others rap gimmick. The third and fifth tracks “Sally Walker” and “Started” were wide released singles that made me give this album a listen. So of course those songs were catchy and actually really good. The other tracks: “Spend It”, “Big Bag” are also worthy of listening too, I listened to them twice already. The best song on the album by far was “Comme Des Garcons” and I’m not sure what it means, but I absolutely loved Iggy creativity on this track. The flow was less hard and more of a soft, gentle beat and music that went well with her “dripping in all sorts”. In with the good always comes the bad. I feel like these songs were just fillers in an all out too raunchy songs with no creativity once so ever. I’m all for a good beat, but the song has gotta capture my attention and “Freak Of The Week” and “Pussypop” were not good tracks at all. The F it up song is the one I look forward too when it was released due to having two female rappers in it. I won’t deny that I have never heard a Kash Doll song, but I knew she was a rapper. I always get excited when two popular rapper do collaborations. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, regardless of their beef did a really good track with Motorsport. I assume “F it up” would be similar. It attempted to be catchy. I though the song was okay, could’ve definitely been better. The same opinion I have about this song can also be said about “Just Wanna”. I thought the chorus is “Just Wanna” was catchy and a homage to Salt N Peppa’s “Push It”. Again, okay track, but not worth a second listen.

For Iggy’s comeback album, I think she clapped back in a great way. I think she managed to stay original and keep her funky lyrics, beats, and pop-ish sounds that we all fell in love with in the first place. The bad tracks on this album were terrible, but that was three out of twelve. She had a few average tracks, but she also had a lot of GREAT tracks on here as well. I’d say this album deserves a solid four out of five stars.


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