Joy’s Doctor Review on “The Joker”

When I first saw the trailer for this film it was a little out of line compared to the action packed DC movie trailers we are all accustomed to. No action. No punchlines. Just drama. So I was just going to wait until the movie hit on demand. And then enter the controversy all around this movie. Beefing up security due to how the movie was perceived giving people with mental illnesses ammo to take a personal vendetta against someone who was making fun of them due to their disorder. Or just society. Period. Trying to prevent a repeat massacre. Smart. So with that said wherever there’s controversy, I liked to watch things for myself and voice my opinion on it. And here I am! It also helped that EVERYONE was saying Joaquin Phoenix did a “GREAT” job, so I went to see it and here is my review.

First, I would like to give praise to Joaquin Phoenix for his portrayal as Arthur Pleck. He did an exception job for the direction the movie was going in. He nailed the essence of a dark, creepy, and broken man struggling in life with his mental illness and poverty. The darkness, the movement, facial expressions, he nailed it! And I believe this was the first time I’ve seen a Joaquin Phoenix film!

Secondly, this mental illness controversy. When I saw the movie, I personally didn’t feel that the message was making it okay for Joker to murder people for making fun of him. Because half of the people he killed weren’t making fun of him. I do see how people can interpret the message the movie is sending. Since the movie protagonist is the one with the mental illness and we do tend to paint the protagonsit of movies as heroes, naturally. I can see why someone would think the movie is trying to excused his murderous behavior. He was portrayed as a mad man in this film as well. I did questioned some of the murders in this film, but we’ll keep it at that.

Thirdly, I don’t want to give too much of the movie away. The movie was a good. I am not a BIG fan of straight dramas…dramas with a little bit of comedy, maybe or some action. Something. This movie didn’t really possess any of it. It was extremely dark, very dramatic, and some of the scenes were painful to watch. I’d compare the emotion and dramatic elements to the Netflix TV series “13 Reasons Why”. Both projects share similar underlying messages of being a victim of a harsh, judgmental society and WE need to be aware of people with mental illnesses and how some things we do and say can affect them.

I think for a complete drama it was a good film overall. It wasn’t my kind of film, but again the movie was good for the theme. The advice I would give if you want to enjoy this movie is don’t go in expecting an action packed Joker movie or else you will be extremely disappointed. If you’re into dramas…this is definitely your movie.



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