Joy’s Doctor Report on QUAVO HUNCHO: ALBUM REVIEW:

Quavo is a member of the group Migos with Offset and Takeoff. I am not a huge fan of the Migos music being they have had a couple of songs I like, such as “Handsome and Wealthy” and Motorsport featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Quavo is the first member of the Migos to release a solo album with feature artists like Cardi B; Drake; Travis Scott; Madonna; and the album even features the Migos members. With that said let’s jump into my review of Quavo’s album Quavo Huncho.


The album started off unpleasant with the title track “Biggest Alley Oop”. The first five tracks was horrible and it was painful getting through them. The title track “Shine” wasn’’t too bad. It wasn’t good either, but it was okay. There were two songs that stood out that I thought were actually good tracks: Champagne Rose with Cardi B and Madonna and also Shine. I was curious to how “Champagne Rose” would sound with two hip artists mixing with a pop artist. It came out sounding quite nice. The track would sound a lot better had it just been a song with Cardi B featuring Madonna. Lost had a nice ring to it. I interpret the song to mean stay as down to earth as much as you can and  a warning not to get lost in the fortune and fame. Keep yourself grounded. Although I did not enjoy the rap flow or music of “Huncho Dreams”, there was a lot of tea being spilled on that track. It was kind of hard not to get through it. Call me nosey, but this was by far the most interesting track on the album. He dedicated the song to a “queen” named “Nicki”. He spit lyrics of how he had bedroom visits and possibly referenced her controversial interview about Quavo not speaking up for her with the lyrics “if I hurt your feelings, I am truly sorry”. Also I believe he was metaphorically speaking “I’m straight out the jungle, no Safari” about her past failed relationship with Safari Samuels. Even though the song was controversial and buzzworthy, the song still failed to deliver.


This was Quavo’s first solo album without Migos. I had an expectation that due to that fact that he would slightly mimic the Migos sound, but not completely. Migos sons are rehashes of the same exact song in a cycle. Unfortunately, Quavo Huncho did not stray away from the same rehashing, senseless lyrics with the annoying mimics of a speeding race car hitting break and parrot-like sound effects throughout each track. I would not recommend this album to anyone. 1 out of 5 stars.



1.Clean Bill Of Health

2.Light Cough

3.24 Hour Bug

4.The Flu


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