Joy’s Doctor Report on: Fast And Furious presents: Hobbs and Shaw

Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

Hobbs and Shaw is a spinoff of the Fast and Furious franchise. I was too shabby on the Fast and Furious movies; it was mainly a bunch of car chases, races, and impossible stunts that can only be done by using CGI. To its credit only 4 out of 9 F&F movies sucked. So not too bad. 2 Fast 2 Furious (and that theme song; shout out to Ludacris) will forever be the best movie of the franchise. To speed along the process, Dwayne Johnson joined the franchise, and God knows I am lethargic of him, but I can’t seem to prevent myself from watching a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie. I sort of became a fan of the movies during Fast Five and then later Jason Statham joined the cast and it was a done deed there. However; both movies with Jason Statham were the worst of the movies. Not his fault though, he was barely in the first one and the last one…lets not talk about it. I was super stoked when The Rock announced the Hobbs and Shaw movie in the making. A movie that doesn’t require hearing Vin Diesel deliver punchlines like he’s half asleep. Last year I heard one of my favorite celebrities Roman Reigns was joining the cast…Hell yea I was going to be seated in the movie theater upon the release date. With all that said…here is my take on the action film.

Hobbs and Shaw started off right off the bat. It gave you the plot to the whole movie in the span of ten minutes. Hattie injected herself with the virus; the sexiest man alive wanted that virus to commit human genocide; he set her up and making the nation believe she killed MI6 agents and they brought in the best guys for the job to find her. Bringing in Hobbs and Shaw!! A lot of good points from this movie: Statham and Johnson’s chemistry was amazing. I thought they did a fantastic job keeping the audience engaged in the movie from beginning to end. The constant back and fourth between the characters were to die for. It almost felt unscripted, but if it isn’t then quodos to the writers. This movie also brought the action for two hours and half. It wasn’t just blowing up cars and impossible-to-do stunts. The fight scenes were incredible; Statham and Johnson continued to flourish in fight scenes. Johnson’s fight scenes were a bit more entertaining providing comedy before and during the beatdowns. Statham’s character was similar to the one he had in spy minus the overexaggerated story telling (Lol). I like seeing him in roles like these where he blends comedy and action.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I’d like to take a moment to honor other key performances in the movie. Idris Elba! His overall physical appearance and the arrogance he brought to the character was amazing, BUT…I didn’t enjoy his delivery with the British accent. Okay, I like the whole arrogant “I’m black Superman” bit, but that was it. He shined well without speaking. Kirby (Hattie) continued her bad ass dominance in a man’s world from MI:6. Hobbs’s mother had me dying. She stole every scene she was in, except the end. And there were cameos by some well known actors: Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart. They were funny in the movie, but not really memorable. Hart voice change was pretty funny though.

I saw this movie for a number of reasons: 1. Of course Roman Reigns!! I thought he would have a cameo or something similar, but I’d be overexaggerating, This was more like an extra role. Eye candy in the background. 2. The actors. 3. The Samaon version of the Haka!! After seeing the movie the scene was a little underwhelming. There was really no build up, it felt rushed all in a span of thirty minutes. The Shaw family felt more legitimate, possibly due to Hattie and Shaw being through the movie discussing childhood and relationship. The Hobbs family tree kinda failed with making me connect with the Samaon familly dysfunction. But it was minor issue. Nothing to take away from the brilliance of this movie. Although there was one scene in the movie that was crazy stupid…The Rock holding a chain to move a flying plane’s weight. Unbelievable. Again. Minor. But the final battle with Hobbs and Shaw Vs. Brixton was unbelievably GREAT! that it debunked any flaws that were previous to it. Anyway that’s the most I can say without giving away the whole movie. Trust and believe me when I say this movie shined bright like a diamond from beginning to end! Go see this movie! 100% approved by muah!


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