Joy’s Doctor Report: Movie Review “Halloween”

Anyone who knows me knows that Halloween (1978) is my favorite horror movie of all time. I enjoyed the sequel to Halloween, but the Halloween movies after the second one was borderline ridiculous and over the top to the point it sucked or was just plain stupid. The Halloween franchise was officially destroyed. Then in 2007 Rob Zombie decided to reboot the franchise and the trailer wasn’t too bad. But then I saw the movie where the movie looked like a Michael Meyers documentary…ultimate failure.  Fast forward to 2018 and John Carpenter has decided to reboot the Halloween franchise. And apparently his opinion about the sequels to the movies were the same as mine, except he hated the second Halloween as well. John Carpenter says this Halloween is the sequel to the very first Halloween…forty years later. Now let’s hop into my review.

The beginning of this movie started off perfectly. The journalists wanting to learn about what possessed Michael Myers to murder his family and they wanted to use Laurie to make him speak. The movie started off on a good note, but the way the movie carried on it made the beginning seem irrelevant. I thought the movie should have started off with the bus crash that lead to Myers escape. Laurie Strode was paranoid through the whole film, and she had every right to be. However, Laurie is no longer a damsel in distress like she was in 1978. She has blossomed into a complete, stereotypical, feminist-type bad ass. I’m not going to give too much of the film away because I want people to see it. But I felt the movie changed directions nearly three times in the movies. There were some cringeworthy moments that I did not agree with (Like the Michael Myers super strength) and some so annoying that it left me speechless as to why it was in the movie to begin with. But I enjoyed the parts of the movie that was well written, as far as getting Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter involved with Michael Myers, so they can carry on the possible franchise. And most of the movie goers popped to the ending of the movie and dare I say I liked it, because it set up the obvious sequel.


After watching Halloween, it seemed more like a remake than a sequel. There was too much content from the first movie and the plots are nearly identical. But still…the movie is worth watching. I must say this is one the first horror films I’ve seen in years (except 2012’s Sinister) that actually gave me a scare. With that said I give the approval rating of 3 ½ stars out of 5.


  1. Clean Bill Of Health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 hour bug
  4. The Flu
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