ILL Vision On The Super Bowl

ILL Vision On The Super Bowl

Super Bowl 52

So Conference weekend I went 1-1, after bragging about the Minnesota Viking defense they decided not to show up for some reason. I was really impressed with how the Eagles are showing that no matter who is at the QB position, they are able to still maintain the same level of intensity on both side of the ball. This makes you wonder, do they have what it takes to dethrone the New England Patriots. I will be discussing this during this article while making a choice on who will bring it home this year.

Now last prediction I mention if the Jacksonville Jaguars provided enough pressure to disrupt Brady they could win the game. Well they were so close to winning because their defense did step up, but they were not capable of holding that pressure down the stretch of the game. Half time it seems that Tom Brady and Coach Belichick really sit down and dissect a half they might have been unprepared for and really make good enough adjustments to turn the tables in their favor. The question now is, seeing how the Philadelphia Eagles was able to step up and make the Vikings Defense look average and make their offense make you ask, who is Stefon Diggs. Can they pull off the upset to have every team in the NFC East have at least 1 ring?

That’s right, the Eagles are the only team in the NFC East not to have Super Bowl hardware. One team in the NFC East has gotten two pieces of hardware from The Patriots. The question is, are the stars aligning for the Eagles or will the Patriots tie the Steelers for Super Bowl wins?

These are the only ways that the Eagles will come out with a win. I do believe their defense will come to play in this game, to have complete success the offense will have to capitalize on every opportunity the defense gives them. I did not say some, I said every opportunity the defense gives them. The reason I say every, is because they are playing Tom Brady. Tom Brady as mention before will go into that locker room during half time and seek out his opponent’s weakness and feed on it in the second half. So the eagles have to be two steps ahead of the great, the man who defied the Madden curse.

With that said, I predict the Eagles dominate the Patriots for 3 quarters and Brady steps up in the 4th to win the Game. I also predict the Patriots stop their old teammate Lagarette Blount from scoring the game winning TD.

Patriots over Eagles

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