ILL Vision On The NFL Conference Championships

ILL Vision Of The NFL Conference Championship

NFL Conference Championsip

   Once again I went 1 – 3 with my playoff weed predictions. You can kind of say the one I picked was a gimme, the other ones kind of went the way I stated. I did mention they would be close games. Some were a lot closer than I thought. Then you have the Steelers, who last week I said they have the tendency to lose to teams they should beat, but the Jacksonville Jaguars defense kind of made me look at them in a different light. That I will talk about later when I make my prediction for their game. Now the game that everyone was talking about last week, was the game that inch the Vikings in the fore front to actually bring it home. Their slogan for the playoffs since the Super Bowl is being played in Minnesota. The only thing I am going say about that game is, we all knew that Drew Brees was going stage a comeback, it in his DNA. It was up to the defense to hold the Vikings off one more series. With 10 seconds left on the clock, a young Saints defensive back over thought a play with a lot of pressure on him, we was the last line of defense between the Vikings’ Diggs and the end zone. It seems he wanted to force an incomplete pass instead of allowing Stefon Diggs to catch the ball, square up, tackle him in bounds and let the clock run out. It is a moment that is going stick in his head forever, I just hope he is able to get passed it and not let it hinder him from progressing.

Now let’s get to my picks. I thought really hard about my picks, I know a lot of people think I just do not like the New England Patriots, and I am just trying find a reason to pick against them. The reason it took me so long is because anything can happen any given Sunday. The other factor is, I feel like the best way to defeat the Patriots is to apply pressure on Tom Brady. I also thought that the Titans defense would be able to do that, but they failed miserably. So what does the Jaguar have that different from the Titans? That is the question that stay pounding in my head all week while I was trying hard make my pick. Even though I really want to pick against the Patriots, I just see if the Jags do put enough pressure to throw Brady off his game, by the 3rd quarter, him and Coach Belichick will come up with a game plan to counter that pressure. So I am picking the Patriots over the Jaguar.

Now the NFC championship, we have two teams most people did not see making it this far. I have said in the past, last year and the year before I picked the Minnesota Vikings to be my surprise picks. But that was because I knew their defense was a slept on defense and they had Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Petterson, and some wide receivers that could turn it up a notch. But with the lost of Teddy and AP, I honestly did not see the team going that far. The Philadelphia Eagles on the other hand came out of no where, I really did not see them being this good, and with the lost of their quarterback, I thought they were going be just like the Oakland Raiders last year when they lost Carr, but seems that they were able to plug and play.

Now with all that said, we have two teams who defense have put their team in the driver seat to make it to the Super Bowl. So who makes it to the Super Bowl, which defense will show more dominance to hold off the other team’s offense. I do believe that The Eagles have the better offense between the two teams, but defense win championships and I feel that the Vikings defense will cause at least two turnovers more With that said I am picking the Vikings over the Eagles and watch them be the first team to play home for the Super Bowl.

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