ILL Vision of The NFL Wildcard Playoff Picture

ILL Vision Of The Wildcard Picture

NFK Wildcard  Alright, it has been a minute since I have done this. I missed out of letting you know how I felt the entire football season would go. All I am going say is they are a couple of surprises in the playoffs, meaning those who made it and those who did not. Even though people are surprise the Buffalo Bills made it, I am not. Even though they barely made it in, I actually picked them to dethrone the New England Patriots this year. Even though that did not happen, glad to see them in the post season.

Now let’s look at the play off picture, mostly the NFC side. We have three teams out of four teams from the NFC South in the playoffs. Being a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan, you can say I am disappointed that my team who had all the right weapons this year was left out. That is another story, but I have been disappointed all year none to less. The teams that are in, I am going say only one makes it out the wild card round this year. That is the team at the start of the year looked like they were going have a rough year, but some how was able to get back on track, that is the New Orleans Saints. Some might look at this and say, they sweep the Carolina Panthers this year and the Panthers will not allow them to beat them 3 times. Well even with the Panthers top-notch defense, I feel they lose this battle again. Especially after the bad performance in Atlanta, now they are traveling to New Orleans, in another Mercedes Benz stadium back to back. It will be really close but the Saints use their versatile rookie RB along with Brees and Ingram, and edge out the Panthers.

On the other side you have the returning NFC Champions with a playoff appearance surprise. Not really a surprise to me, the Los Angeles Rams always had an underrated defense, they just needed help from their offense to make that push. After coming off a bad sophomore season, Todd Gurley proved to people why he was the rookie of the year over Jameis Winston. With Atlanta Falcons top-notch offense, I feel that the Rams defense will slow them down and Gurley will put pressure on their defense while burning the clock in this match up. Look for ball control to be the biggest factor in this game.

Now lets look at the AFC picture, The Tennessee Titans edge their way into the playoffs, which has Marcus Mariota making it in before Winston. They go up against one of the toughest defenses in the league, which leave me to believe that Marcus will not know what it is like to see the Divisional round. This will most likely just be a learning experience to help them in the future and prepare them for this type of atmosphere going forward. I feel this will not be their last appearance in the next couple years. But I see the Kansas City Chiefs edging out this victory and forcing mistakes.

The match up most people would have never thought would happen. Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs? Like I said, only one of these teams I personally saw making the playoffs and that was the bills. They are also saying that LeSean McCoy could be coming back for this game. The Jaguars have a tough defense, but if McCoy makes an appearance in this game, I have to give the edge to the Bills in this one. I feel this will be a close game and won by a TD

Just to recap

Saints over The Panthers

Rams over The Falcons

Chiefs over The Titans

Bills over The Jaguars

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