ILL Vision Of The Divisional Round

ILL Prediction On The Divisional Round

NFL Divisional Round

Sadly I went 0-1 last weekend with my picks, only game I got right was the Saints over the Panthers. The rest of the games kind of surprised me, but some I knew could have went either way. One of the biggest disappointments were the Chiefs and the Rams in my opinion. I really felt those were sure pushes to the Divisional round. Well it is time to look forwards into the next round of the playoffs.

Well this week we have The Titans VS The Patriots, The Jaguars VS The Steelers, The Falcons VS The Eagles, and The Saints VS The Vikings. Seems like this will be a very interesting weekend, and let me break down

The AFC has two surprise entries in the playoffs against two AFC heavyweights. One might say it is no brainer who going win these games, but the Titans and Jaguars have been a surprise all year. Could either one of these teams pull the upset in the playoffs, be the Cinderella story of the NFL?

When it comes to The Patriots vs The Titans game, the only team that can defeat the Patriots right now is the Patriots. Even though they are the poster board team for keeping things together, they are so many rumors surrounding this team, and they are about to go up against a team that has been capitalizing on opportunities. Tom Brady percentage of making mistakes are very slim, but can the Titans defense get in his head and Mariota make some magic happen. Would make a very nice story line wouldn’t it, but that is not going happen. Have to look back at the fact the Titans are not a strong Pass defensive team and they are going up against Brady, in the end The Patriots will end the fairytale journey.

The Steelers has been a hit and miss team the past couple years, meaning they have the capability to lose to teams they should not lose to. The only way the Jaguars move on is if they luck up ad the Steelers under perform.

Now the NFC has some heavyweights vs heavyweights. I have been picking the Vikings to be my surprise team for the last couple years. Past couple years they had a slept on defense, then they had addition of Teddy Bridgewater and I felt they were a shoe in for the Super Bowl. Well the Vikings have two things working against them in this game, 1) the city of Minnesota is hosting the Super Bowl this year, not team has ever played in the Super Bowl the year their city hosted it and 2) the wrong QB is under center. Keenum has been putting in work this year, but they are going up against one of best QBs in the Game with an improved defense. I see this being a close game and Drew Brees turning it up a notch in the 4th quarter to put the game out of reach.

The Falcons and The Eagles game is a tough one to pick for me. The Eagles have been one of the biggest surprises this year, but the QB that took them on this surprise trip is not under center. With that said, they are many factors in this game. If Matt Ryan is able to expose the Eagles pass defense, The Falcons could make the NFC championship game an NFC South battle. If it was Wentz under center I would give this game to the Eagles, but just like the Vikings they have the wrong QB under center. Look for a close game with Ryan able to put the game away in the 4th quarter.

So to sum it up

The Patriots over the Titans

The Steelers over the Jaguars

The Saints over the Vikings

The Falcons over the Eagles

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