ILL McKenzie’s Doctor report on Movie: Spider-Man Enter The SpiderVerse

ILL McKenzie Takes A Trip The Spider-Verse


      I got an advance screening of the movie Spider-Man enter the Spider-verse, I can say I was really impressed with the movie. Of coarse the movie trailers told a different story but I wont be too big of a spoiler, but the twist in how the movie started was great. I know that I am not caught of on the new comics, I just like the fact these origin movies now show the struggle of the hero before the get the hang of it. Too many times in Spider-Man movies show them getting their powers and automatically fit into the role. Miles Morales was an ordinary teen that love art but was trying to fit in at his new school. During one of his ventures “something” happen to give him powers.

      Without giving away too much of the story line I will talk about other aspects of the movie that made it great. There was a lot of attention to the details of the movie. With the various dimensions of Spider-Men, the staff of the movie provider them with unique characteristics to match their backstory. I felt like that enhanced the experience and brought uniqueness to the movie. These little things pulls the audience into the movie, plus provides connections with each character. At the end of the day, I recommend purchasing a ticket to this movie, oh and the Stan Lee appearance is golden as always.

With that said I give this movie 5 out of 5

  1. Clean bill of health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 hour bug
  4. The Flu

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