ILL McKenzie’s Doctor report on Nacynze’s Album “Pep Rally”

ILL McKenzie Attends Nacynze’s Pep Rally


When it comes to an independent artist’s project, the first track is the most important. In the age of streaming, new potential listeners can stumble upon your album at any time. How are you greeting them and welcoming them into your world is the question. Well if you are a fan of the golden era of hip hop, the way Nacynze decided to greet potential fans will have you wanting to come inside, grab yourself a seat at the table, and see what they are bringing to the table tonight. The other key feature of the intro is to introduce yourself to new audience or just address subjects that people may be questioning about the artist. This group did that perfectly while easing the listener into their “Pep Rally”

Following the intro the group flip the sample of Montel Jordan‘s “This is How We Do It” ,  their creativity and amazing production was able to make this classic track their own. The other thing I like about this album was the energy was a feel good kick back vibe. I could see myself at a cookout with family or just people enjoying their self while this played in the background. topped off with a very soulful feel on the production, layer with two emcee with an undeniable polished flow, that was enhanced by the chemistry that each emcee had with one another, that complemented the others flow. I can honestly say even though each track held their own and could be its own hit, my favorite track was “Don’t Count A Brother Out”. When they said “they had next” and “they would be quick to make top 10 on your playlist”, I honestly cannot see how these statement could be false to anyone that listen to this album. The track “You Lose” is my second favorite, love the play on the sample and it sounded like an EPMD track.

With that said, I give this project a 4.5 out of 5, between The Flu and almost being Quarantine.

  1. Clean Bill Of Health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 Hour Bug
  4. The Flu


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