ILL McKenzie’s Doctor Report on, Mario’s “Dancing Shadows”

ILL Breaks Down If You Should Dance In The Shadows With Mario
Dancing Shadows

When I saw that Mario finally dropped a new project, I was very excited. In my opinion he is one of the underrated singers in the game. Not sure why there wasn’t any push for the album, but I quickly press play when I saw the artwork. Now let me break down the feel of this project

The first track “Drowning” seem to set the mood for what seem to be a baby making album, very smooth and seductive production. Kind of reminded me of Trey Songz “last time”. Not trying break down all the lyrics, but it had that feel of falling in love with someone but feeling guilty because they are tied to others. Mario vocals synced perfectly with the production as well, to add to the feel of the track.

The rest of the album had the mix feeling of baby making, grown, sexy, soulful, and wedding atmosphere music. Mario did not change the tempo or theme from track to track, If a person was entertaining a guest of the opposite sex, they could just throw this album on without disrupting the mood. There was a couple of tracks that could flirt a little with the club or rave scene, then they are those paint a picture to score in a movie or television scene, overall mainly a bedroom music or first dance material.

Another thing that can be heard is Mario’s growth in his music and production selection. He had a target audience was this and set the sound for them, very different from his previous projects, but a good different. The top 5 hits I hear out this project is “Mirrors” “Good Times”, “One Man Woman”, “Gold Plates” and “Goes Like That”, Those would be the strong tracks out of the 11. With all that said, I give this Album 3.5 out of 5. On the fence of 24 hour bug and The Flu, the reason is because it is a mood setter but not an everyday listen type of album

  1. Clean Bill Of Health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 Hour Bug

  4. The Flu



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