ILL McKenzie’s Doctor Report on Liion Gamble’s “Grand Re-Opening”

Liion Gamble Host a Grand Re-Opening

Liion Gamble

If you haven’t noticed I am real big on how an artist starts their project, how are they drawing me in to want to listening past the first track? The artist Liion Gamble provided that opening credit type music, the way his words painted a picture, helping you visualize the artist, while also helping us see the hip hop industry from his perspective. Close to perfect opening for a movie that made me want to further want to partake in this “Grand Re-Opening”. The vibe of the song “Mood” really set the tone for what I was about to hear. The production of this project was high quality as well, with great samples.

Liion was even able to create a song about Baby mama’s in a positive light, most the time you hear that word from a rapper and it put in a negative light. Instead he continues the positive vibe and provides an anthem for guys who are truly have a great relationship with the mother of their offspring. With the help of AJ the menace did another thing I look for with artist, what type of chemistry do they have with other artist. Overall great energy track to track, whether he telling a story or planting his flag in the world of hip hop. Liion showed he is an artist to pay attention to, with a style that is a cross of neo-soul and hip hop. To end the project with a track you can tell he poured his heart out on leaves that lasting impression.

With that said, I give this project a 4 out of 5, translation of The Flu

  1. Clean Bill Of Health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 hour bug
  4. The Flu

  5. Quarantine


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