ILL McKenzie Doctor Report on “Nobody’s Fool”: Movie Edition

See if ILL thinks Tyler Perry proved he was Nobody’s Fool

So Tiffany Haddish seems to be taking pointers from her mentor Kevin Hart by making sure she keeps busy and active in movie productions, this time she took a stab at a Tyler Perry production which is quite different from other movies from his camp. One thing I can say about this movie is, the trailers were really misleading, which in a way was a good thing. Even though a movie about someone being cat fished might be funny, 2 hours of that might have been too much.

This is just a warning that there could be some spoilers.The first 30 minutes was filled with forced comedy and over acting. This was the result of trying to play to Tiffany’s comedy strengths as well as trying to build on-screen chemistry with her and Tika Sumpter. These two had some funny moments throughout the film, but nothing too memorable to the point I thought they were an amazing duo. There were some surprise cameos that aided there on-screen presence, but it was more of a clash of personalities other than that.

The real chemistry in this film came from Tika Sumpter’s and Omari Hardwick’s characters. Their story is what saved the movie for me. Not to give away too much of the movie, but that is the story you want to pay attention to and what grabbed my attention. Everything else started to lose my attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this should not be on your to be watched list, I recommend watching this movie. Good date night movie as well. With all that said, I would give this movie a 3 out of 5. With this movie I can see myself watching once or twice, really does not have that classic movie factor

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