ILL McKenzie Doctor’s Report on Nicki Minaj Album “Queen”

ILL McKenzie exams Nicki Minaj’s “Queen” 

Nicki Minaj

To start off, I am not a big fan of Nicki Minaj, but I decided to give this album a listen. With the presentation of the first track, I was really impressed with the vibe it gave off and how strong the content was, with a soothing vibe, which matched her pouring her heart out on the track. You can hear her addressing all the her credits, like a, before we start this off, I have a few things to get off my chest. That is how most artist should start their projects. Let it all out from the gate and don’t hold anything back.

This was followed by another strong track, where she showed great chemistry with Eminem. The way she approached this track complemented his style on the track. This created a powerful atmosphere, from the production to the lyrical content that was painted through the lyrics. Two songs in and I was like, Ok Nicki, you about the shut me up. Third track showed the playful and creative Nicki with “Barbie Dream” . She was able to tell a  fictional story of male friends in the music industry. One thing I love about an emcee is story telling, whether it is true or false, but the ability to draw up words that helps the listener visualize the content, top it of with punch lines and word play. She was drawing me in and almost gained a new fan, but after this track the album goes down hill, or one might say a roller coaster ride, leaving a, she should have went the Kanye West route with less is more. She even mention in the middle of the album,

You in the middle of the Queen right now, thinking I see why she called this shit Queen. This bitch really the fucking Queen

And all I could think was, no, no I do not think that one bit. Yes she showed a lot of versatility on this album and I love the collaboration with Foxy Brown, but honestly, where is the growth in this album? Don’t get me wrong, they are other great tracks on this album but they are sprinkled around the project, which brings me back to the album is too long with wasted tracks. When I say wasted, meaning very skippable tracks. As strong as she started this project, it just became disappointing, but she did finish strong. To better describe it, if this was a sandwich, a person would pick out the unwanted ingredients and end up just eating mostly the bread to be satisfied. 

With all that said , I give this a 3 out of 5 which breaks down to a 24 hour bug

Doctor’s Report

  1. clean bill of health
  2. light cough
  3. 24 hour bug
  4. The Flu

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