ILL looks at the NFL WildCard Weekend

ILL Breaks down the NFL Wildcard Weekend

NFL WildCard

I did not get a chance to break down the season before, but every week me and the team broke down our picks on Quarantine Radio. I can honestly say they are some teams I did not see making it this far, some teams that I did, but disappointed me the first couple weeks, and glad they finished strong. Now with that said lets look at the Wildcard weekend. Off the back it pains me to see my two AFC favorites battling out in the first round, but will get into that.

Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Chargers

For years I have been saying that Phillip Rivers is due a ring, and this year he might have one of the most complete and balance team. I have said it before, and I stand behind it, defense wins championship, backed that with a solid offense and you guaranteed a ticket to the big show. The Los Angeles Chargers has one of the top defense’s in the league and flew under the radar for weeks till the got some prime time exposure, but the same can be said for the team on the other side of the ball.

Baltimore Ravens have one of the toughest defenses in the league and now due to an injury by Joe Flacco, the world was introduced to the young gun Lamar Jackson. This benefited the Ravens a lot as they fought for a playoff spot. No defense seem to have an answer to how to stop him, which would of been great for the Ravens minus the fact one of the teams that fell victim recently was the Chargers.

The first time they meet the Chargers were unprepared for this new weapon, question is now have they learned from their previous mistakes? That is the only way I see the Chargers winning this game. Jackson is going be the most dangerous player in the playoffs if the continue to advance. The Chargers have the opportunity to stop that momentum. As much as I want to see Rivers get that ring, I see the Ravens advancing the next round.


Ravens over Chargers

Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

Before the season began, I was one of the people who felt this would be Andrew Luck’s year of redemption. After the first couple weeks, I just became very disappointed and did not this they would make the playoffs. Well by the end of the year, they were able to turn their season around and sneak into the playoffs.

Houston Texans on the other hand have had a defense that been dominate and constantly just missing an offense to get them over the hump. Dashawn Watson was able to play a full season and show why last year we saw a promising future for him. With that said, these two teams played it close during the regular season and split win lost, at the end of the day I say the Colts running out of luck in this one in another tight match up.


Texans over Colts

Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks

Now this one is a battle of two teams I did not even think would make it into the playoffs. I honestly have not seen a Seattle Seahawk game all year, but the Dallas Cowboys seemed to get over the injury bug and capitalize on their weapons. With Daz and Cooper getting synced, the running game back on track, and a dominate defense, I cant see this going anyway but in the Cowboys favor, just because I seen that defense being able to pick up when the offense is lacking.

As I stated before, I cant really speak too much on the Seahawks, so I am just going say Cowboys in this one


Cowboys over Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Chicago Bears

The Eagles through out the season was looking a like a disappointment, but benefited from being in the NFC East and once again Wentz went down and Nick Foles stepped up. Once again, I have to side with the defense and the Chicago Bears Defense are difference makers. Their pass rush will disrupt any offense, only a few times this year an offense was able to out play them. I will be surprise if Foles is able to outsmart the bears defense, with that said


Bears Over Eagles


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