ILL Looks at 2019 NFL Divisional Round

ILL Makes His Picks For The Divisional Round

NFL Divisional RoundSo last week I went 1 – 3, the one thing I enjoyed is there was a lot of defensive chess matches going on in the NFL Wildcard weekend. The biggest shocker for me was a defense figuring out Lamar Jackson. When you actually look at what the Los Angeles Chargers did to keep him frustrated and make mistakes was the equivalent to the Los Angeles Lakers game planning around Allen Iverson. They were two things that got the Baltimore Ravens into the playoffs, their defense and the unpredictable play style of Jackson. Well you keep the defense on the field long enough, they are going get tired and start taking off plays. To defeat Jackson you have to neutralize his speed which got him into the big dance to begin with. Chargers did that by replacing their Linebacker core with Safeties. Thumbs up to the Chargers Defensive coaching staff and I guess you can also credit the Cleveland Brown who the week before showed how to potential slow Jackson down as well.

With that said, all year I have been saying the Chargers have been flying under the radar with one of the most complete team. Melvin Gordon seems to be a little bit banged up, so their running game is not at 100%. The good thing about the Chargers is, they have a Quarterback that can go toe to toe with Tom Brady. Even though everyone look at the New England Patriots as the most dangerous team in the league, I do not respect their defense. They rely too much on Tom Brady being Tom Brady, well The Chargers have a defense that can slow him down, and on the other side, Phillip Rivers can bring his team out of a hole if needed, and the defense is there to recover from their mistakes is made. Look for the Chargers to advance to the conference championship.

Chargers over Patriots

The Indianapolis Colts have really been surprising me these past couple weeks, and some people would say stop picking against them. Even though last week I said they are running out of Luck, this week they are playing against another team that seems to just makes things happens. This should be a close game and possibly a gun shoot out between Andrew Luck and Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been in these shoot outs all season and do not think he is going shy away from this one. Look for the Chiefs to advance in this one.

Chiefs over Colts

The Philadelphia Eagles or should I say Nick Foles had shocked the nation again. Unfortunately they are heading to New Orleans to challenge Drew Brees. Honestly I feel the Eagles lucked up last week and the Bears defense trusted their offense to give them the go ahead field goal in the end, but wanted to leave enough time on the clock to do that. That just my opinion, but after nailing a perfect field goal the first time before the Eagles sneaked in a time out. yea we all know what happened next. I just don’t see something like that happen again this week, but then again, last year the New Orleans Saints did give another team a late Christmas gift. But I am going with Saints over the Eagles

Saints Over Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams, you have two teams with a strong defense, strong running attack and quarterbacks that make things happen for their team. Honestly I feel this game is going come down to, which defense can shut down the running attack the most. At this moment I have my money on the Rams. Short and sweet

Rams Over Cowboys

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