ILL McKenzie Doctor Report on Shame’s Album Genesis 98

ILL McKenzie exams Shame’s Genesis

Shame ClarkShame is an Indie artist in Raleigh, North Carolina I had a pleasure of interviewing on Quarantine Radio. Off the gate this album did take me back to the mind state of listening to hip hop in the 90’s. From the intro and interlude skits, just gave that raw essence of hip hop, even with the production and the deliverance of the artist. Shame has a very sharp tongue that helps him penetrate his punch lines through the speakers. He even matches that energy with his track “Monster” which displays his lyrical ability to go bar for bar with any emcee that wants to challenge him.

The other thing that stands out, this album is live performance ready. The reason I say that is every track has a catchy hooks that the crowd can catch onto and recite with ease. It is like Shame let the production talk to him and heard the hooks embed into the beats. Some artist it usually a hit and miss when creating hooks, but to nail it on every track is rare and special. Overall this is a solid body of work, I world like to hear more versatility but this does seem like a theme type of album. Shame didn’t disappoint with a 90’s feel, he had the tracks that told stores and tracks with clique battle track, that has a group of emcees go bar for bar but still complementing each other on the track.

With all that said, I give this album 4 out of 5 which categorize this as The Flu

Doctor’s Report

  1. Clean Bill Of Health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 Hour Bug
  4. The Flu


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