Game Of Thrones: The Last Of The Starks

Games Of Thrones so far has been a disappointing season 8 for me so far. The premiere lacked emotion between the characters. Not sure if this it was lacking chemistry or the writing was just that terrible. Arya and Snow was the reunion I was most excited about, but damn that moment was weak. After Dany felt the need to tell Sam that she torch his brother and father, because they refused to bend the knee. Sam revealed to Jon his true identity. Which he later told Dany -his aunt/lover- and her reaction was surprising. She wasn’t too keen of her lover being the threat to her taking the Iron Throne. Everyone was preparing for the long night against the white walkers. It was pretty much everyone spending the last time with each other, prepared for the apocalypse of the big bad Night King. Sansa hates Dany. and Oh yea and Cersei and Euron.  Fastforward to the long night. I though the episode was okay at best. It was too much of the main characters in a near death situation and only the characters than no one would miss -no offense Ser Jorah, Edd, and Melisandre-, okay maybe Melisandre’ a bit, because her death was unexplained. Her journey was not over. Has it really been confirmed on who the prince (gender) is…that was promised? Jon Snow? Danerys Stormborn? Arya Stark? Gendry? Whatever.

I’d like to add Sam surviving that white walker battle was a bit much. He has no battlefield experience. How the hell was he able to survive. Okay moving on.

So last week’s episode saw the fall of Theon, who died redeemed. Great for him. And the biggest fall and disappointment was the Night King’s death. I want to go into detail about this one. Again Melisandre’ agenda was to find the prince that promised. Through the seasons GOT has teased the Night King and Jon Snow’s connection. I anticipated the eight season to give me a Jon Snow versus the Night King one on one battle. I could be wrong, but I thought Jon Snow’s purpose of being brought back to life was to defeat the Night King…but he didn’t and I didn’t get my freakin’ fight scene. Arya defeating the Night King…I wasn’t impressed…NOT ONE BIT! First of the Night King was surrounding by white walkers and he has the other leaders in the same room. Where the hell did Arya come from? Did she travel by Bran’s ravens? I mean that was never explained. Honestly, I wouldn’t be nitpicking this one, had I got my Snow/Night Walker fight scene. If the writers wanted Arya to defeat the Night King, Jon Snow should have battled him and came near death and Arya catch the man from behind with the dagger. But…okay rant is over.

Aside from what I discussed the first three episodes were pretty irrelevant and felt like filler episodes. Now it’s time for my review on Episode 4: The Last Of The Starks.

This is the aftermath of the defeat of the Night King. Mourning deaths and celebration of the defeat. Snow has a claim to the throne. As you should already know that is a huge threat to what Dany has worked hard through ninety seasons. When she could’ve just blown up Westeros and sat on the throne. After he conversation with Jon, basically telling him to keep his identity secret and not share it with anyone, to make sure she claims the throne without threat. Snow reassured her that he has bowed the knee to her and he has no interest in the throne. He loves her. I mean this is a man you love and care about and you’re asking him to keep quiet? Dany has been portrayed as a villian IMO. Because is she really that different than Cersei? They only serve separate sides, but will kill anyone they feel is a threat to their throne. Fastforward he tells Arya…and Sansa…of all people. If you want to keep your identity secret…you know Sansa loathes your lover…do you not know you’re giving amunition to Dany’s enemy? Of course Sansa’s not going to keep her mouth shut. Her half cousin is more controllable than Dany and Dany will likely not give Sansa Winterfell. Especially if she wants to control the seven kingdoms, including the North. Okay so gossip travels fast. Towards the end of the episode we find out eight people are aware of this secret. Can’t remember anyone except Bran, Sam, Dany, Tyrion, and Varys. But anyway Tyrion and Varys have a confidential discussion about the present and future of the people of Westeros. We know that Dany is impulsive and arrogant. Snow is more of a strategist. Snow has gain the loyal and support of others. Sure we know the North hates the Targareyens, but Snow could be the leader to unite all seven kingdoms. He’s half Stark/half Targaren. The most interesting scenes on The Last Of The Starks was the conversation betweenTyrion and Varys. Varys convincing Tyrion that Dany is becoming just like her father and its time a Jon Snow take the throne by default. Just to sum up the whole conversation. And by default I mean Dany may be meeting her end. Soon. Whether it be Tyrion or Varys themselves…someone has to take her out. At least that’s how it was interpreted from my end. Although Tyrion is suppose to be the one of the brightest in Westeros, he can pretty dense when it comes to seeing when you need to give up on someone. His sister’s redemption for one. And Dany impulsiveness and arrogance. Towards the end of the conversation, it appeared that Tyrion may have come to his senses and the conclusion that Varys is correct.

In other news, Danerys Stormborn named Gendry, his birthright name. He is now Gendry Baratheon, Robert Baratheon’s son. Okay. Cool.

Jaime Lannister finally gets the goods from Brienne and has received news that Cersei has taken out one of the last two dragons of Danerys. Power shift apparently. This scene of Jaime reminding Brienne on the horrible stuff he has done for Cersei can only be interpreted in two ways. One: he can rejoin Cersei’s side, because she appears to be winning. Or two: he could make pretense that he’s rejoining her and be the one to end her life.

Danerys and her men travel across sea and runs into Euron and his sea men trap. Dragon down! Along with a few other men she has lost…and Mesandei. Thank goodness! More irrelevant deaths. Not the dragon though.

Tyrion convinces Dany they should reason with Cersei on a surrender. I guess surrender Misandei. Which it’s Cersei, she ain’t going for that crap, because she could literally careless. Misandei gets the chop to the neck. BAM another irrelevant character dead. Dany expected Cersei to refuse. In fact she wanted her to refuse so she can go “dracaryus” on King’s Landing.

That’s the review. Now here’s my theory on what I think will happen.

Arya’s prophecy. Her prophecy states: brown eyes; green eyes; blue eyes. For the quote to always be in that order, wouldn’t that state that her prophecy is fulfilled? The Night King is dead. I don’t believe she will be the one to kill Danerys or Cersei. That’s most fans belief.

My belief is that Jaime Lannister will be the one to kill his sister. I think it will be a double death (Cersei and Jaime). Maybe it will be some dramatic thing on we came into this world together; became lovers; and now we’re leaving together. Don’t know. Just a thought.

Dany, if she dies. I think hers will come down to her attempting to murder Arya. Jon Snow will come and save his sister from Danerys and end up murdering his lover/Aunt. Maybe the last episode Snow will finally see that Danerys is becoming the mad king.  Now Gendry Baratheon. I believe it was foreshadowing. What if Jon Snow and Danerys both die in King’s Landing? wouldn’t Gendry Baratheon be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne if there is no Targareyen left? Also Arya will have the North. That’s also a thought. So they could lead the seven kingdoms if they were to get married.

Again, with the whole feminist writing with GOT. They may have Dany rise above and end up winning the Game Of Thrones.

I give GOT episode 2 out of 5 Stars.

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