Footballs Wars: The Ebersols vs The McMahons

Football Wars:

 The Ebersols vs The McMahons


With the rift in the NFL the past couple years, it kind of open the door for real competition. When I say that, I mean a rivalry league for football fans and college players looking to enter a professional league. Over the years the NFL have upset both fans and players, but the love of the game keeps most basically shackled to the league. There really is no substitute to the NFL. They are other forms, like the arena football and Canadian leagues, but they are just not the same.

It is documented about the XFL first attempt of being competition to the NFL. After their failure, most would ask, why attempt this. The game of Football is very expensive, and is looked at as a big risk. Vince McMahon is use to this, but in his realm, his league is the top dog with other companies trying compete with him and failing. He also knows what it is like to compete with another company and nearly lose his company in the mist, so taking a risk isn’t something new to him. Understanding the risk he is taking, but calculating what he has to do to succeed or stand a chance in the fight is something he is built for.

Now we are learning that he is not the only dog in this fight. Charles Ebersol and Bill Polian have teamed up to bring us the Alliance of American Football league. This league is operated by former football greats or former NFL business minded individuals. This kind of gives the AAF an edge over the XFL when it comes to providing the experience that fans want and providing familiar faces fans can engage with. The AAF looks to be more fan friendly by providing fans the opportunity to watch streams live from their app and providing a fantasy football feel to reward their fans. This is what is expected as far as the fan experience.

The league is luring potential players into this league by providing a salary bonus system that benefits all players, as well as counseling and educating to prepare players for after football life. the other thing that caught my attention with the post player life, was the fact they will provide scholarships for players to return back to school. We all know that most players leave school early to enter the league. So this is a bonus for players that actually think about life after football. This league is schedule to start February 9th 2019 on CBS with XFL schedule to return January 2020.

the fact that AAF starts a year early could benefit MaMahon as stated before, this means that McMahon can analyze their flaws and calculate what fans draw to as far as the new league is concerned. What rule system is working for them? How effectives is the level of play? Is certain aspect from the NFL that is placed in or taken away doing good or harm?

The other factor is the players that both league get lured in. One of the main players everyone will be looking at is Colin Kaepernick. The fact that he started a movement that started a rift in the landscape of the NFL to begin with, he will have followers that will respect the league that gives him an opportunity. Then there are the other players that still have talent that the NFL have turned their back on. Plus one has to look at the fact, they are so many college teams with over the nation. they are so many players who dreams get crushed when their name is not announced during the NFL Draft. They are hidden gems that never get their chance to be discovered and seen shine at the next stage.

But lets not forget the fans, this is a win win for the fans. The opportunity to watch football year round if these leagues have watchable factor could be incredible overall.

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