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Our Approach

Quarantine Enterprise LLC is a company that want to help people perfect their craft without worrying about the business aspect of their dreams. We feel when a person can focus more of their attention of being better at what they love to do versus worrying about the business aspect of it, they find more success. We want to be the ones to create awareness to your target market, while our clients just show why they are the best at what they do.

Our Story

Quarantine Enterprise LLC started as a music venture, that turned into a radio show, that turned into brand awareness. It was all about evolving and teaching others to evolve as well.

Who Is Darnell McKenzie

Darnell McKenzie

Darnell McKenzie

Founder & CEO

Darnell McKenzie aka ILL McKenzie was always fascinated with music and business. He always wanted to be involved with music whether it was making it or just being behind the scenes. When he started working for some marketing companies, he realized the importance of brand awareness and development. He wanted to help others be more aware of the importance of these factors to build their career, plus it helped him bring his creativity to the fore front.